• Bumansoor


  • SillyRobin


    Social media strateger, Brooklyner, TV watcher, music listener, Interneter.

  • Israel Tejada

    Israel Tejada

    Business + Data + Marketing Tech

  • Steve Hedden

    Steve Hedden

    International development, data science and network analysis.

  • Susan Bennett

    Susan Bennett

    Susan Bennett, Voice-over Artist and Singer. Most of you know me as the voice of Siri. VOX, Inc., Los Angeles, http://Voxusa.net

  • Wendy Green

    Wendy Green

    Director of Strategic Partnerships @lohud The Journal News #Gannett #Instagram _wendygreen

  • Do Better

    Do Better

    My name is Katka and I work in online media. Sometimes I write commentary about social media trends. Will work for pizza.

  • Barik Tajona

    Barik Tajona

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